Un Tour d’Europe en chansons folkloriques: 14 European Folksongs

Songs for Solo or Unison Voices, 2 Clarinets, Percussion and String Orchestra

1: Der stode tre skalke (Denmark)

2: Rheinweinlied (Germany)

3: Videirinha (Portugal)

4: Le rat de ville et le rat des champs (France)

5: J’ai vu le loup (France: Burgundy)

6: O Magali (France: Provence)

7: Leonore (Belgium)

8: Brennan on the Moor (Ireland)

9: The Cuckoo (England)

10: Italian Dance

11: I Maccheroni (Italy: Naples)

12: Al lado de mi cabaña (Spain)

13: Samiotissa (Greece)

14: Daar was een sneeuwwit vogeltje (Netherlands)

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please credit Peter Owens as composer

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